For your reference, the mannequin form is a Medium size 6/8. Some of our items are one size fits most and are noted as such, others are Small- meaning a 4/6, Medium is 8/10 and Large is 12-14.

Some sizes are noted as S-M and M-L, meaning they are in between sizes and will fit either as a larger Medium (in case of M-L) or a snugger Large. A good example would be a vest you’re planning to wear the vest over a bulky sweater, one might choose to go with a M-L versus a summer dress would be paired with a S-M.

If you’re unsure of the fit, you’re always welcome to inquire in details and send along your measurements, such as: bust size, waist size, for dreamcatcher vests in particular: shoulder width (from middle of one shoulder blade to another) and back length (nape of the neck to small of the back).